What can you do as a NCMH Volunteer?

NCMH has different roles available for people who want to volunteer, dependant on the volunteer’s time commitment and areas of skills and interest.

Fund raising / Support

As a Non-Government Organization, NCMH relines on external donation and support to continue running. You can help through:

  • Helping to organize and run fund raising event / functions
  • Using contacts to obtain donation of money, supplies (stationery, arts and craft materials, food) or services (gardening, building maintenance)
  • Helping out at specific function such as exhibitions, end of the year functions
  • Helping find employment positions for rehabilitated clients
  • Using contacts to request prominent people to come and talk to the NCMH clients
  • Help with lobbying for improved mental health services
  • Assist with mental health promotion activities 

Working the Rehabilitation / Day Program

  • Running weekly skills classes for the clients (discuss topic possibilities with staff)
  • Helping with work / handicraft activities (card making, sewing, hairclips)
  • Helping staff take clients no outings (assisting with transport)
  • Helping with individual clients (in conjunction with the mental health workers) to help clients reach specific goals

Job skills (eg: CV, job interview skills, computer skills)
Self-care skills (eg: Brushing teeth, making tea, getting buses)
For mare information contact, 

Mr.Jayanth Mudalige,
Operations Manager
National Council for Mental Health.
Tel: 011-2685960