Training Programmes

Information and Training Programmes

NCMH carries out a number of training programmes on mental health for diverse target groups ranging from medical students to volunteers. The programmes are designed to the needs and the capacity of the target groups and adopt a highly interactive approach.

Training programmes for mental health professionals comprising of medical students from Medical Faculties of Colombo, Kelaniya , Sri Jayawadenapura are carried out on a regular basis and forms part of their community mental health attachment. Additionally, special programmes are designed for medical students, nurses and doctors engaged in post graduate study.

NCMH has also responded to the increased interest shown by the community, particularly teachers, school children, employees, parents and community leaders by conducting training programmes for them. Such programmes are designed to provide a greater sensitivity to mental illness and enhancing society’s capacity to respond more effectively to mental disorders.

NCMH prides itself in providing teaching for the following,

- Fourth & final year medical students from Colombo, Sri Jayawardhanapura and Ragama faculties
- Nursing students from Mulleriyawa nurses teaching school
- University students from Arts faculty, university of Sri Jayawaradanapura
- Registrars in pshychiatry and lecturers in community medicine departments from Post Graduate Institute of Medicine
-Teachers from Teacher Training school Maharagama

Enhancing mental heath awareness among the general public, in the form of
- Lectures
- Workshops
- Brochures
- Print & electronic media interviews