Care Givers

The role of care givers in mental health rehabilitation

Who is a care giver?
A care giver is an individual who provides care for a patient and attends to all his/her basic needs. These include medical reviews with health professionals, assistance and supervision of activities of daily living and skills development.

Role of a care giver

  • Initiate consultation with the psychiatrist and act according to medical advice.
  • Develop daily living skills
  • Train the client to live independently
  • Referal to a organization providing rehabilitation/skills development
  • Attention to personal hygiene
  • Weight monitoring and exercise
  • Periodic screening for diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia ect.
  • Encouraging healthy dietery habits

Care givers meeting and the discussions held with them

A care givers meeting is held at NCMH Resource Centre Borella monthly.
Issues discussed

  • Problems they encounter in caring patients at home
  • Their behavior at home
  • Dealing with violent/bizzare behaviour
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Compliance with the treatment plan
  • Mental health awareness

Security/financial considerations

  • Considering the role of a trust fund
  • Transfer of lands, estates (if any) legally to them, including the role of power of attorney
  • Bank accounts
  • The possibility of employment