NCMH, the hub of counseling is registered at 96/20, kithulwaththa Road, off Alvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 08 situated alongside the Colombo golf links and provides a peaceful setting to conduct its activities. NCMH provides a range of Mental Care Activities during a day on weekdays with the support of staff, volunteers and professionals

The activities are:

  • Self care
  • Vocational and skills training
  • Cognitive functioning
  • Social skills
  • Communication skills
  • Creative skills
  • Leisure / Recreation

Group activities

Card making group
Card making group aims to develop the skills of participants in working with card and paper, increase motivation, improve concentration and social interaction. Card making helps to generate an income for those involved in the greeting cards and also raise community awareness of NCMH.

Drama group
To increase their abilities, team work and dignity.

Music group
This aims to help clients to increase their level of concentration, improve their talents to build up the level of self confidence. The group provides an environment to awaken their creative talents.

Communication group
Discussion of current events as gleaned from the daily press. Such discussion helps in stimulating the minds of the participants and evokes a broader interest in Sri Lankan affairs and in the wider world outside. This wide coverage will help the client to relate to the events they may face once they regain their health and become partners in the matters of whatever profession they choose for their livelihood.

Physical fitness training programme
This involves mild physical exertion first thing in the morning. Most clients participate in the exercises. This group has been active almost throughout the existence of NCMH proves a booster for the rest of the day faced by them.

Yoga group
This group has potential of creating spiritual and physical health. The trainer infuses keen enthusiasm among the participants this makes it one of the most interesting of all the groups.

Art group
In the art group, it is proposed to analyze, art produced by each client and come to a conclusion whether the client is improving or is developing regression in the mental state.

Cookery group
Improve the household skills ( how to prepare a curry, cutting vegetables with a knife.

English group
To improve the general knowledge and the English knowledge.